wine tasting trials

Winemaking Trials

As the wines from last season’s harvest inch closer to making their way to your glass, we have the exciting job of tasting them along their journey from grape to juice to wine! Our team recently sat down to try three wines, two of which are customer favorites: Big Bold Red and Apollo's Blend. While tasting the wine(s) is a fun aspect of our jobs, there are a lot of things to consider. During our tasting we are asking ourselves this: what key flavor characteristics do we smell and taste, is this wine ready for the customer or does it need more time, and how does this compare to our previous vintage? All of these questions help us both determine what winemaking processes are needed and how each wine fits within our profile. We are busy at work in the cellar and look forward to you all sipping on a glass of each new vintage. 


Loved this winery! Very large indoor and outdoor spaces. Great selection of dry reds and also sweeter wines. My favorite was the Blaze, dry red. Jennifer was fantastic and gave us out of towners great recommendations for local spots to hit for dinner and site seeing! Live music some evenings, great charcuterie boards. Highly recommend!

- KC