Split berry

When it rains, it pours


The summer rainfall has been steadily falling in the past couple of weeks and we are happy to have the moisture back in our vineyard. The grass is growing and the vines are nearing the point of veraison, the stage at which grapes start to turn color. While we still have a month or so until we begin harvest, we are continually monitoring the progress of the clusters. After the heavy rain period, we noticed a few of our varieties experienced split berries. This can occur when grapes are exposed to consecutive rainfall events following a drought year. The inside, or pulp, of the grapes gain excess water which results in the splitting of the skin. When this occurs, the team is extra cautious when monitoring the property to make sure that the exposed fruit doesn’t develop into a fungal issue or attract too many insects. Don’t worry, we are still on track for another great harvest. If you are interested in being a part of our harvests, join our emailing list to learn more about summer harvests and other events throughout the year.


This is such a wonderful place tucked in my new fave town of Ashland, NE. The tasting room is beautiful, the staff are amazingly sweet and helpful, and the wine is oh so delish! I also LUV their seasonal sangria, mulled wine and live music. Thanks to the owners for sharing their LUV of wine with us!

- Cindi R.