Bourbon Barrels

Blaze will be back this summer!

Last week our cellar team emptied the Bourbon Barrels used to store the wine that makes up Blaze. This season we used 3 different bourbon barrels, Willet, Old Elk, and Wild Turkey to get the perfect balance of oak and spice. In total, we blended 7 different barrels, each filled with Marquette and/or Frontenac. The Grape varieties that make up Blaze allow our wine-maker to create a dry, jammy red wine that takes on both the varietal characteristics and the barrel flavors.  If you are a red wine drinker or are wanting to expand your palate, give Blaze a taste. Aged in bourbon barrels for 7 months, this wine will provide subtle notes of dark cherries with a warm spice finish. While all good wine can stand alone, Blaze will also pair nicely with grilled beef or game meat, or with a rich cheese.

Beautiful setting and tasting room, extensive wine list, and a warm and welcoming staff!! Loved our experience! Try the sangria-delicious!!

- Rachael S.